Offside in Saigon - TRAILER

The struggle on and off the pitch of 3 unemployed Africans who dream of starting a professional football career in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Giving up the dream leads one of them to a better life.

Red Over the Rainbow Full Documentary - LGBT rising in Hanoi

A documentary portraying the lives of LGBT persons in Vietnam. Screened at numerous festivals worldwide.

Ending in Equity - UNICEF Documentary - Child Health

The result of three years of research and collaboration with UNICEF about Children's Health, in 4 very distinct regions, after 4 different human interest stories with the cases of the minorities, the poor, the disabled, the homeless people of Vietnam.

Vietnam U23 Finale

When was the last time you saw an entire country united behind hundreds of thousands of flags in the last few decades? We did a short story to help you experience the madness around the 2018 U23 Asia football cup.

Showreel - Vincent Baumont

My showreeel as a director of photography.

Documentary Showreel

My documentary showreel