Some behind the scenes stills of my latest racer short movie / Music Video in Hanoi

I wrote, storyboarded and shot a one take, slow motion music video that focuses on the mood in Hanoi traffic and tries to reestablish a little bit more justice for the women of this amazingly resilient country. I saw it as an homage to all the Vietnamese women as well as an ode to the motorcycle culture of Vietnam.

Check out some amazing behind the scenes stills from war photographer Xavier Bourgois!



Music Video for Zoey Jones

We arranged, produced and shot the latest music video for Zoey Jones who is soon to release her new EP. Her requirement was to get dramatic landscapes in Hanoi and Ninh Binh. We arranged filming on location by the Long Bien bridge along the Red River, as well as the scenery and mountains in Ninh Binh.

Commercial shooting for group8asia

With the founding members of this architecture studio, we designed together a concept video to highlight the company's uniqueness in Asia. After the storyboard was drafted with all the scenes they wanted to include in their presentation video.

Every shot was made in slow-motion at 200 frames per second while on a slider, with a side motion from left to right. No compromise was made during the conception of the final video, which gives it a feeling of continuity and confidence.

The original storyboard from the first meeting with client.

The original storyboard from the first meeting with client.